Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Magic Man - 2010 - Real Life Color

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  • Listening recommendations: Monster, Like Sailors, Nest
Disclaimer/Short Recommendation: I have spent way more time with this record than any other record in the recent years. I regularly listen to the music we cover, plus the ~2000 bands I listen through each month to check for good stuff, but this one is special to me. One of the biggest joys we take from this blog project is the gratitude from the musicians we cover. Maybe because we managed to find them a few more listeners, or on the most basic level even just as a thank you for the time we took to listen through their songs, and even write a review on it!
The other reward for us, besides gratitude, is finding the music itself for personal use, and this album..

.. is probably my favorite album of all time.
Magic Man - Real Life Color is a release from 2010, but digital music doesn't really age, and considering the rather low popularity of this kind of bands (Magic Man - 1,939 Facebook Likes) compared to big commercial bands (Florence and the Machine - 2,051,090 FB Likes:), there are still plenty of people I can tell about them. And this is it. This is my personal music highlight of 2011. Music to dance, dream, shout, sing and getting swept away to. All rolled into 10 songs of the same artist. Indie/Pop/Electronica as a genre descriptor doesn't sound as special as I would like to make it sound. Almost all of the sounds on this record are electronically created and/or altered. So we got dominantly male vocals and electronic sounds. What is so special about them, making me wish I had the money to fly over to listen to these guys live?
First and foremost that these songs aren't perfectly "clean" and that these rough sounds have been very carefully interspersed, resulting in a surprisingly charming and down to earth experience that just seems to get closer, able to touch people because its similarly imperfect as we are. They often use distortions and rough drum sounds in contrast to very harmonic vocals and clean and "warm" synthesizer sounds to create their rather special sound. This is also one reasons why I haven't grown tired of this album yet, it is seemingly impossible to grow tired of all these different sound variations. Another reason would be the surprisingly varied song composition. Nest makes me want to dance, Darling gets me to daydream and Like Sailors makes me want to shout my heart out. Within 42 minutes, Magic Man gives me a powerful emotional variety I haven't personally experienced in a long, long time. The last, even musically comparable, experience like this was listening and loving myself through the Postal Service album. Who would have thought that a Lo-Fi record would be the most polished album I hear all year, or even top the aforementioned Postal Service album as my favorite album ever. Do not only take this as a high recommendation from a random blogger, please take this in as a present by a close friend, wanting to share one of the most lovingly created musical experiences he was able to discover so far.

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