Saturday, December 10, 2011

pkthunder - 2011 - 5 Song ep

Indie Pop 
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Music does not need to be perfect, it doesn't even need to be harmonic. Most songs that rely on dissonances are raw, powerful and ... well... disharmonic. Several genres, punk and noise to name a few, are remarkable in that area and loved by their admirers for offering an alternative, unpolished way of listening to music. pkthunder is a mix of very well thought out pop elements, instrumentation and smooth background sounds with an "alternative and unpolished" voice. Don't get me wrong, I think his voice make his songs rather special, but unfortunately also very alienating. Many musicians, like Conor Oberst, know how to use their voice in a different, disharmonic and even broken way and have people loving them all the more for it. pkthunder might have went a bit overboard with the amount of "drama" in his voice, but personally I dont necessarily see that as a bad thing. Sure, he wont ever find a huge fanbase with that exact kind of setup, but I am the living proof that there is at least one person who enjoys his songs.
As alienating as his voice might seem at first, he knows how to make a good argument for his ability to create appealing songs. However, there are even some technical issues with the record, "Stallion" for example has got a few "popping" sounds, which are quite bothering. Fortunately, the songs can still be enjoyed regardless. The upbeat "Boat-Night"and the melancholic "Stallion" are as far apart as songs can get quality wise, and both songs still manage to resonance with me on a very emotional level. Lots of passion to be had here. As mentioned in the beginning, music doesn't need to be perfect. It simply needs the means to reach those who treasure it for what it is, the ones who in this case may enjoy the rather well written lyrics, pleasing guitar sounds and even enjoy a remarkable voice that might take some getting used to.

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