Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodbye Kumiko - 2011 - My Wild Arms

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This album is a perfect example of how you are not convincing people to listen to your, too good to be overlooked, music. The band knows how to make music, very good music at that (convince yourself by listening to Plain Dream or Sleeping in), but the beginning of the album is very alienating, starting off with an Instrumental piece that isn't quite interesting enough to catch most people's attention and a few songs that sound not quite as well thought out than the songs the album ends with. Unfortunately, most people tend to judge musicians by the first few songs they hear/skip through and its really troublesome that the best songs of Goodbye Kumiko were probably never heard by the people stumbling over this record. I like with how much different variations of their sound they came up with. I can't really blame them for trying different styles, some resulting in better songs than others. And it definitely paid off since the 3 best songs on the album are also 3 songs that feel completely different. These guys are definitely very talented, and if you look at some of their older songs/older versions of current songs (which you can find here), you can't help but notice how much they already improved their own style of music. They have quite the potential to improve themselves and I am already liking what I am hearing on this album. This is definitely a band we should hope for getting another record.

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