Friday, January 6, 2012

Jori and the PUSH - 2011 - The Heart Is Wise

Hard Rock
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So I guess the internet read my 'more female hard rock' comments in the One-Eyed Doll review, because hot damn here's some more of it. Jori and the Push's “The Heart is Wise - Promo EP” is dripping with the same sort of cocksure sleaze and heavy guitar riffs one might expect to hear if they popped in a Queens of the Stone Age album. I think I may actually have to clean off my headphones after listening to opening track 'Give and Take', those guitar riffs and bassline seem tailor made for dancing with your clothes off for singles. Jori Teran's voice alternates between angry punk rocker (without screeching, thankfully) and huskier-voided temptress on the prowl for unsuspecting prey. 'Falling In' is throbbing with bass, but it appears to be about depression (although the reasons for depression may be related to the sex), which is somewhat out of place, but shows there is more on display than sweaty flesh. An then just when you expect more hard rock swaggering, “The Heart is Wise” wises up and lets out its pink mohawk and the punk flag flies. It may be about fucking, but it's punk, it's a quickie! The bridge is a bit slower and heavier, but the tempo picks right back up at the 1:54 mark and we're back to 3-cord glory for the few remaining seconds of the song. Take from that whatever metaphor you want. This promo EP ends its quick run with 'Saving Grace', which sounds a bit like the previous two songs mixed together – a fun way to go out really. I can only hope whatever LP follows is as good a mix of punk rock and sex drenched hard rock as this is.

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  1. We'd love for you to check out the whole album we just released, ALSO for free : ) You can get it through the Jori and the PUSH bandcamp link above or download it from our website, : )

    Thanks for the review!