Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Gravity Amendments - 2011 - From the Other Side of the Mirror State

Indie/ Folk
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  • Listening recommendations: Daydreams, Yellow Dress 
Clean "non-hissing" versions of these 3 songs:
- Daydreams
- Bury Your Bones
- Yellow Dress
    This collection of Indie Folk songs is horribly produced. Every song has a background hissing noise that probably manages to drive the majority of listeners insane. Usually, I wouldn't complain too much about that on a Lo-Fi record but it is simply too distracting in this case and the main reason for the 1/5 rating. On top of that, the song quality differs greatly, ranging from unbelievably catchy with interesting lyrics (see recommended song section) to songs that don't even remotely compare to the best songs. However, those 2-3 songs are really recommendable and especially Daydreams and Yellow Dress are songs that I would love to have professionally recorded, clean versions of. Due to that, I decided to try my best at cleaning those songs a bit with Audacity to get rid of the hissing noise. Listen to the clean versions linked above the review to convince yourself of the potential this band and these songs have. Despite the poor quality and the the mixed bag song selection, I absolutely love those two songs and I hope they record a clean version of these song at some point since it would be a waste not to give these songs the careful attention they deserve. This record is hard to recommend, but the "clean" versions show that these songs shouldn't be written off completely and would probably be closer to a 4/5 rating if recorded properly.

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