Monday, January 23, 2012

Almeeva - 2011 - EP#1

Ambient Rock
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I promise I'll review an album with lyrics next, okay? In the mean time, Almeeva released an excellent instrumental rock EP (“EP#1) last year that is definitely worth checking out. I would describe this EP as anthemic ambient rock. If you're not dead, the pace of every song on this EP should get you pumped. The drums control the proceedings and they hit hard, and I do mean hard. The drummer is really laying into those skins (that the drummer plays every other instrument on the record is a feat unto itself). They keep everything at a brisk, but even-keeled pace. There is quite a bit of noodling around with the guitars – especially when the drums drop out. The guitars explore every nook and cranny of space they can find, and they are given some really airy backdrops to explore. I can't even count the number of actual guitar tracks that make up some of these songs. The bass can be downright menacing at times, really pushing the deep end against the guitars ('Egypt' and 'Canyon'), and that only creates a bigger sound to these songs. The guitars are exploring outer space, and the bass is occasionally digging for hell. That isn't to to imply this album is hard rock. Almeeva is swimming in the seas of ambiance, one listen to the opening guitars on 'Echoes' and you'd know this is not going to need devil horns to enjoy, but glow sticks wouldn't be out of the question entirely. I would say Almeeva's music incorporates elements of U2 (minus Bono), Explosions in the Sky and the one band I almost mistook them for upon first listen – Maserati. That Greg Hoepffner (aka Almeeva) listed them as a tag on bandcamp means he knows this too. This man has good taste in music, and thankfully is a damn talented musician himself.

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