Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rubén Lozano - 2012 - The Astronaut

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    This is the second classic instrumental record of the spanish musician Rubén Lozano, and the gained experience between the records shows. While his first effort Banda Sonora, released only 6 months ago, was very well received by us, he manages to take his art a step further on the second try. Banda Sonora was more or less a collection of loosely connected, but playful songs that shared a similar production style. The tracks on The Astronaut however, are on a completely different compositional level, which becomes obvious very soon when you listened to it and begin to understand the artists musical vision of the "epic space" theme. Actually, "epic" isn't a word that musicians should throw around lightly. However, it is quite difficult to think of better adjectives to describe the songs on The Astronaut, also considering it serves as a genre descriptor. "Grand" or "grandiose" may be other words that come to mind for songs that are hard to be seen as singular 3 minute pieces, but need to be considered as a whole. Together, these musical pieces create an image of life larger than the one we know, transcending terrestrial imaginary concepts to paint a picture of something more elevated. The cosmos and the thought of an infinite amount of matter are concepts hard to conceive with our feeble human brains. How fascinating is it that there are people able to make music that describes the feeling of these concepts in a language we all understand instead of alienating our brains with complicated facts? Records like Ruben Lozano's The Astronaut are the closest many of us will ever get to understanding the universe, and if that doesn't deserve the word "epic", then I don't know what does.

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