Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ruben Lozano - 2011 - Banda Sonora

Classic/ Instrumental
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This might be one of my favourite instrumental albums ever. As the genre description shows, its not an Electronica Instrumental LP, which I come across relatively often these days, but a record filled with classically instrumented pieces of music inspired by modern pop/rock compositions. It also seems that Banda Sonora was a one man project, which is amazingly remarkable since I cant wrap my head around the idea of one guy being able to play piano, violin, flute, an instrument that sounds like a xylophone and probably 1 or 2 instruments more I couldn't identify, and bringing them in harmony. Not only that, but also conveying emotion, mostly deep, melancholic and sad, with just touch of comfort, if at all. If you let this music sink in, it is an exposed emotional ride through your past, past thoughts and thoughtful decisions you encountered. The longer songs, like "Suite" have an especially subtle but lively increase in tension, making sure these tunes will stay with you even after the song ended. It is a bit unfortunate that Ruben Lozano was not able to uncover more, and more diverse parts of his musical self-discovering, but Banda Sonora is still an impressive piece of music, that doesnt dwell within your ears too long and instead goes on to populate your thoughts. Recommended listen for everyone.

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