Friday, September 16, 2011

Ben Seaward - 2011 - A Matter Of Moments

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  • Listening recommendations: Expectations, Can't Help
This is a musical project that still might be in active development. I downloaded the album a while ago, and when checking up on it today, I noticed 3 more songs have been added. Nice surprise! The 2 most catchy and easily accessible songs are right in the beginning, which was a good idea to get people interested. Half of the songs are rather laid back pop songs, which is a bit unfortunate since the other songs with their accentuated electronic and guitar parts definitely stand out as being the more catchy and striking songs. I also got the impression that Ben Seaward tried to push too much different musical styles onto one record, without considering that those different styles might not have the same crowd to like them. "Know How" and "You came after me",with their rather special sound effects, especially stand out as tracks that have a certain 80's pop feeling to it that doesn't really go well with the other songs and will probably alienate people who continued listening after the interesting album openener and the follow up song. Still overall easy listening worth a listen or two, especially for these first songs and who knows, he still might be adding more interesting tracks, so keep an eye on his Bandcamp if you like what you heard so far.

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