Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gravy Indie Union - 2011 - Out For Lunch

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A caveat before we get started: I don't speak Spanish, so lyrically the EP is a complete mystery to me. With that out of the way, lets talk about Gravy Indie Union's EP, “Out For Lunch” shall we? Right out of the gates this is an EP of infectious energy waiting to get out. At just over 14 minutes, 'Out For Lunch' will have your butt rocking the dance floor or anywhere you happen to be with its catchy as all get up indie dance rock. The four tracks on 'Out For Lunch are absolutely soaked in synth and covered with buttery vocals, with a bass so fuzzed out it probably needs to shave by the time the last track, Anana, wraps things up. Tracks 2 and 3; Diskette and Olvidame respectively lean more towards 'rock' than outright dance music, with guitar driven melodies that use synth to accentuate the atmosphere more than create it from the ground up. Unless the lyrics go completely against the vibe of the music, Gravy Indie Union have created the soundtrack for spontaneously breaking into dance basically wherever you happen to be. The vocals being as intoxicating as they are will only make the urge to grab a partner and get down to the music that much greater. I'd listen to a song of the singer reading the phone book with that voice. If you're prone to breaking into an 80's movie dance montage, I suggest you not put this on while driving. Otherwise, Gravy Indie Union's 'Out For Lunch' comes high recommended.

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