Friday, September 9, 2011

Jazz Funeral - 2011 - Jazz Funeral

Alternative Rock
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What better way to help ring in the fall than with a band with 'funeral' in the name. As for 'jazz'? This group is assuredly more at home in the alternative pop rock world than it is leading funeral processions in New Orleans. Much like the oncoming seasonal shift, the album is filled to the brim with a sort of melancholy. A longing for sunnier days, a deep seated uncertainty over futures ahead. And yet, despite the dour lyrics; the album is filled with sing-along choruses and catchy hooks that you can't help but tap your foot two. If you're not swimming in nostalgia, nodding your head to the beat by the time 'Wolves' starts rolling, with its country-twinged guitars, you've missed the boat. In fact the best parts of this record are when the lyrics get out of the way and let the instruments take centre stage. Synth and marching drum beats on opener 'Marché Funebre (Introduction)', room filling organ on 'Hymn', or the finger snaps and guitar strumming on 'Prayer' provide atmospheric counter-points to the angst-driven arena rock of 'Foxholes' and 'Rosary Beads'. The lyrics may not be your cup of tea, but damn it all if the music doesn't keep you listening just to see what they'll try next.

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