Thursday, September 29, 2011

benzolnye mertvecy - 2010 - soot

Noise Rock
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Merciless, fast, and noisy. That's how to describe the songs on 'Soot', the album from benzolnye mertvecy. If thrash metal or noise are not your sound, and I'd suspect for a good many of you that is the case, just walk away now. This will not likely change your mind. However, if aural freakouts straight out of a psychotic episode are your thing, then have you stumbled upon a gold mine dear reader. Brash guitars, terrifying vocals (and other sounds I dare not even try to describe) are held together by a rhythm section that goes for broke like their very lives depended on it. It takes quite a lot of talent to sound like a cacophony of noise and instruments being tortured and still come out melodically interesting. For seven relentless tracks benzolnye mertvecy manage just that. “kobalt” sounds like Primus might have snuck in and recorded 6/8ths of the song before benzolnye realized what was happening and tore the place apart in response. At the same time it also shows the band are quite capable of more than pure noise and playing as fast as humanly possible when they want to. It's a quick breather before the wind gets knocked out of you again. Before you realize it, the album's done. It's short, it's fast, it's noisy, and it's a heck of a lot of fun..

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