Sunday, October 2, 2011

Whitebrow - 2011 - All's Still Before the Storm

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Another very serene singer-songwriter Folk Pop EP. Its hard to differentiate musicians in that area as many seem to sound rather similar to most people. So what does this record differentiate enough to warrant being presented here? It masterfully manages to catch a certain feeling that most people know too well. With guitar and harmonica, Whitebrow has a way of underlining the delicate feeling of seeing the first sunrays after a storm and subtly give you enough reason to hope for a better day tomorrow. The singers voice may be hit or miss for some people, since he sings rather high-pitched which is not your usual everyday singer voice, but I really enjoy his ability to put emotions, most dominantly fragility into his voice, while still keeping the attitude that anything is possible. Its actually rather refreshing to hear this kind of message once in a while without any religious coating, which often accompany musical messages of "hope". These songs also have their fair share of problems, though. Despite having a rather unified theme for the songs, Whitebrow might have been better of throwing 1 or 2 songs into the mix that stray a bit from the tried and true folkpop formula used in all of the songs here to continue sounding fresh even after the first listen. But in the end, the songs are an admirable effort of filling imaginations of others people's minds with hope.

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