Thursday, October 6, 2011

Suspense Machine - 2011 - An Empty Sky EP

Post Rock
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  • Listening recommendations: Stars Burn Cold, The Storm Abates
What does post-rock sound like with singing? Absolutely beautiful, that's what. Suspense Machines combine the musical one-two punch of a sound that's two parts progressive rock, one part post rock, with a splash of ethereal vocals served on top that creates quite the musical cocktail. These four songs have a grandiose feeling about them, like a Gothic novel come to life as prog rock music. Now keep in mind, I said 'Gothic', not 'goth', and there is a world of difference. This EP brings the balladry to the forefront with it's oppressive lyrics and a voice that seems to be coming out of a thick mist. Piano also takes a much more central role than the usual post-rock affair, being front and centre for three quarters of the album and not plunking away in the background solely to build atmosphere. In keeping with that Gothic theme, the EP has 2 minutes of ambient-drone to really ratchet up the tension a notch or two. An Empty Sky has a much space-ier sound than most post-rock tries for, only opener 'The Emptiness' uses the soft-loud-soft dynamic the genre is known for. 'Stars Burn Cold' has a nearly forty second guitar solo and bongos as its centre-piece for goodness sake. We're off the reserve here folks. Everything comes together beautifully, I just wish there was more of it. A real treat for rock fans.

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