Sunday, October 16, 2011

General B and The Wiz - 2011 - General B and The Wiz

Blues Rock
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Don't judge an album by its cover, because sometimes there are records that need and deserve time to be appreciated despite the first impression. General B and The Wiz are setting a prime example of a collection of songs that might even have been considered an "instant classic" under different circumstances, an LP so well crafted people won't be able to do anything but agree on the quality of it. However, this insight might not be coming immediately to the listener, especially considering the album cover subconsciously often sets expectations. It took me a few times listening to the album, to finally understand the feeling these songs set out to accomplish. These songs don't always contain perfectly pitched tunes, but they contain a freedom of honesty, performed by people caring about the music they play. The initial impression you might get by listening is that these songs are kind of retro-outdated if you arent into that kind of music, but if you pay attention you'll notice that its hardly fair to criticize a band that used Rock, Country, Jazz and Pop elements in such a way as "outdated". The mixture of musical genres makes for a very captivating and rewarding listening experience if you are able to overlook the quite puzzling choice of album cover art and let yourself fall right into this genre crossing journey.

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