Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Scarlet Phonebooth - 2011 - Stories Telling Stories to Ourselves

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The Scarlet Phonebooth's new record, “Stories Telling Stories to Ourselves” is not an album that aims to follow any one particular direction. There is a raw, experimental sound to the whole thing. As if a bunch of friends got together and played whatever came to them, with a nonchalant attitude towards making a mistake here or there so long as everything comes together at the end. Free jazz by Tom Waits junkies. The singing is much the same way, it doesn't always work but it finds a role to fill and does so, never seeming out of place in any of the songs it appears (about half the album is instrumental). Of course, not every album you own features a philosophical argument on the nature of the universe, 'Storing Telling Stories to Ourselves' has such audacious content displayed on “The Blind Lead the Blind Through the Hall of Mirrors”. The instruments accentuating and playing around said conversation with rhythmic ease. It's not the most approachable album in the world, but it's an interesting journey with an off-the-wall destination you will not see coming.

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