Thursday, October 13, 2011


Indie Pop

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One's appreciation for WING DAM's eponymous EP of soothing indie pop will ultimately rest on whether or not the listener likes what the distinctive voice that Wing Dam singer Austin Tally brings to the table. It's impossible to describe, yet it's effortlessly catchy and perfectly fits with the tone of the music he's singing over. The music itself is a relaxing mix of alt-country rock and lo-fi pop, the kind of music that evokes summers at the cottage or listening to the rain patter down outside your window. If music could be happily melancholic, then Wing Dam might just be it. 'Mosquitoes' for example, is driven by a toe-tapping drum loop and winding guitar, but the lyrics juxtapose a troubled relationship with a deteriorating home. The music and lyrics play off each other beautifully. There is an impressive amount of work on display here, as Tally is essentially a one man band: playing, recording and producing the entire record himself at his home studio in Baltimore. If you're a fan of lo-fi and want your music to sound a little rough around the edges, this might be too polished for your tastes. But fret not, as Wing Dam doesn't come across like some Bob Rock-produced album you could see your reflection in. The last thing this record strives to sound like is slick and overproduced, just lovingly well crafted songs with enough polish to appeal to just about anyone. You'll be drawn in by its charm if you give it a chance.

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