Monday, October 10, 2011

Holy Mount - 2011 - We Fell From The Sky

Psychedelic Rock 

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And god said “Let there be psychedelic rock!” Holy Mount agreed; and so there was. And it was good. 'We Fell From The Sky' is like taking a journey through time and space without having to leave your couch – medicinal assistance optional. Holy Mount have dug their heels in and aim to reclaim the sound that old metal records have: heavy blues music with grimy guitars and bass, and extended solos at every turn. The drumming does seem to be buried in the mix under the flurry of guitars at times, with the cymbals taking more of a prominent place than usual. It also means the bass makes up more of the low end. A task it appears more than willing to tackle. A minor issue for the EP, admittedly, as it doesn't happen all the time and the overall space-y sound doesn't suffer for it in the end. This might be an effect of the album not being mastered (according to the band's bandcamp site), but as I'm not an audio engineer I can't say for sure. Aside from the drumming, they succeed in creating that huge, blues-infused rock sound and wrap the whole affair in droning fuzz. Riffs this heavy are meant to be blasted out of stacks of amps piled high on top of each other. For a demo, this is extremely accomplished and Holy Mount have set my own expectations for a follow up as high as the sky they fell from. If you're looking for a soundtrack to a lost weekend, this is your spaceship.

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