Monday, October 31, 2011

Canadia - 2008 - One Dog Clapping

Indie Folk
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Often times music is used to lift our spirits, sometimes music can manage to drag you down into apathy. As in this case, some tracks are somewhat hard to swallow for an "easy listening", with the musician seemingly talking about his own personal experiences, using his songs to come clean with things happening in his life. In One Dog Clapping, Canadia shares tales of unreturned affection and exhaustion, highlighted by the accompanying guitar and a few other sounds, including his perfectly fitting broken voice, creating an enclosed microcosm for his side of those stories. Musically, he also manages to have quite a bit of variation in these songs. The opener "Whailing" has a very distinct and heavy introduction, setting the mood for the rest of the record, whereas other songs like "Teeth Cannot Be Trusted", could even be described as having a catchy and memorable chorus, despite these songs not being cheerful at all. However, despite the initial impression, Canadia also knows how to make a bit more uplifting songs. Since this particular EP has been made in 2008, it is nice to see that he stuck with making music and if you want to balance out the oppressive mood a bit, I'd suggest checking out his other record "Beg, Steal and Burrow" from 2009, which I also linked above below the album cover, but especially the songs on "One Dog Clapping" communicate a mood worth experiencing.

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