Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sweet Water Pirates - 2009 - Swedish Music in English

Indie Pop
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Today I am going to present an interesting and charming little Indie Pop project. As already mentioned in previous posts, people in Sweden seem to breath an air filled with music or something. Way too many incredibly talented people there. If you want to see the potential of those guys, check out the first song. It is a really well made and very catchy pop song, that strikes the right tunes in the refrain to stay in your ear, while having charming intersections with an almost breathed female voice in between. The second song is interesting as well in that they try to change up their sugar-sweet pop style and show that they are able to be more varied. However, when arriving at the third song, the feeling creeps up on me that the band wasn't too sure what to do with their record themselves. It seems to miss any form of musical coherence and simply mashing different music styles together rarely works for a release to create a bit of attention. The 3rd and 4th song are also not nearly as memorable as the first or even the second song. However, all of this doesn't change the fact that I like them enough to present them to you, with especially the first song being strikingly well done.

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