Thursday, September 22, 2011

Synthcake - 2011 - Musicophilia

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These songs are a perfect example of how to turn disharmonious synthesizer tunes into incredibly catchy songs. The first song especially was bound to be annoying pretty soon, due to the over use of one word repeated over and over and over again. I expected to be fed up with this rather special style of music rather sooner than later, but this point simply never came, which speaks volumes regarding the overall quality and variety of this record. That first song "Musicophilia" is probably even due to its features the best possible choice as opener, as it eases the listener into the quirky and haunting tunes of Synthcake with an extremely memorable and hummable backdrop. Another very remarkable song is "House Love Ground", which definitely would fit right in in a goth opera or musical (Think Repo! The Genetic Opera), not unlike many of the other songs. I think the general musical mixture of Goth Opera song direction and haunted Halloween tunes is definitely underused, and these songs are nothing else but refreshingly different, original, yet unbelievably catchy due to the addition of an equally enchanting and bewitching female lead singer. "Musicophilia" will drag you into depths of pop you didnt even know existed, putting a spell on you not many will be able to resist. Only question left is why the outro is right in the middle of the record (only available after download). Be aware of this record, even the track sequence is haunted!

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