Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The TV People - 2011 - The TV People

Industrial Noise
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Noise is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. I would normally count myself among those tea drinkers. The TV People however have added just enough structure and melody, if you can call it that; to this eponymous album that it's a decent listen. Some noise albums go for broke, throwing as much noise on top of noise as possible, making for a difficult listen. Not the case here. The TV People go for a more stripped back approach (stripped back for industrial music anyway). If Nine Inch Nails only had keyboards and a drum kit, and a guitar to use only for feedback, it might sound a little something like this. Half of this album is carried by simple, pulsating drum rhythms. Or what I interpret as drums, it's hard to be sure really. The other half is fuzzed out keyboards that layer on top of each other with just the right amount of noise and crunchy feedback filling the cracks to keeep things varied. The atmosphere here is one of paranoia and psychosis, perhaps these TV People shun their own namesakes. And then just to throw you for a loop, #4 ends with a sample that comes completely out of left field. Yet it seems a fitting end for 15 minutes of pounding industrial noise. as if the band is saying "You can stop looking over your shoulder, it's just the TV..."

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