Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SoccerMom - 2011 - SoccerMom EP

Indie/ Pop
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We celebrate the last day of the meteorological summer by presenting you another almost perfectly fitting summer record for the sunny and weightless days that hopefully are still to come. The catchy songs on this EP should go along swimmingly with Swimming and Fort Lean. Soccermom used a quite varied selection of guitar, drum, piano and synth sounds to create these songs, having every one of those songs leaving a refreshing impression. The lead singer is also incredibly gifted with a carefree sounding and extremely likeable voice. The feel good mood conveyed in the 3 songs listed in the recommendation section is especially contagious. The other songs are well made as well but aren't as catchy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The whole record is still a huge success for their first outing. This is definitely another band where I have no clue how they manage to stay rather undetected, which of  course also has a Facebook page you can "like". By all means, do so to spread awareness for bands that deserve it and this band is no exception. Summer is over but music in our ears keeps shining on thanks to bands like Soccermom, even though I would be quite interested to hear how they thought of their rather unusual band name.

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