Monday, August 8, 2011

Oldboy Records - 2011 - Oldboy Records EP

Electronic Pop
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It seems like the number of great musicians giving their music away for free exploded in the last year. This guy is another example for that. He is able to make some distinctive electronic tunes, which he is very aptly mixing with harmonic samples of his own voice, best seen in the first and second song of this EP. Those tracks also have the most distinct uptempo beats on the record, making your feet tap without you noticing. Those first two songs and the third song "Cold and Bright" strike me as the most interesting ones on this EP. The simple but very charming harmonies and the intriguing lyrics of "Cold and Bright" make this a very interesting and bittersweet ballad, that will definitely find its way into my regular recommendations to friends. Additionally, Oldboy Records managed to keep his songs fresh due to different variations for reocurring song parts. Slightly altering the volume or adding a different sound to an already introduced theme go a long way of ensuring that listeners wont get tired of your songs too fast and he does that pretty effectively, despite being somewhat subtle about it. One point which is slightly bugging me is that the volume level is is a bit inconsistent throughout the record, and especially song 5 "Silver Spaceship" seems to be way too quiet. Other than that, definitely recommended and worth checking out.

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