Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stallions - 2011 - The Great War EP

Indie Pop
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Stallions make well-crafted, serene Singer-Songwriter Indie Pop. It took me a few listens and maybe I wouldn't even have given this EP a fair chance if not for the reason of writing a review about it, but it grew on me after a while. After listening to these songs once, you might not even have noticed all the different instruments used here, namely guitar, bass, keyboards and violin. During my first time through it, I was too focussed on the vocals to notice any subtleties in the instrumentation, which is partly my fault and also partly the fault of Stallions, also pointing out the biggest flaw in this EP. These songs are sort of traditional Indie Pop songs, and they are quite good at that (especially song 2 "A Proper Answer" and 3 "Girl by the dock"), but this record is probably missing some sort of highlight, or more variety in general to set them apart from the many other Singer-Songwriter outings out there. They tried to mix up things with the instrumental song "Hiroshima", but I got the feeling that they need to find another interesting idea for a future EP or full fledged album release to attract more attention. However, they know how to make good music, I really hope they find another interesting angle to present it on top of the solid foundation they showed here.

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