Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rigoletto - 2011 - Prodigal Again

Alternative Rock
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  • Listening recommendations: Absconder, Lamp Posts
No one can honestly argue anymore that the Internet is just a fad that will go away if you turn around. But how seriously can you take the claims of people who managed to fulfill their dreams or start their careers with showing initiative on the world wide web? This band is a remarkable success already in that we are able to listen to their songs at all. They set up a Kickstarter Project to raise awareness for the need of funding just to get their songs made and in the end collected 2500$ by people getting together for a similar goal - Helping a band making music all would like to hear in full glory. So what about the music that came from this initiative and this shining example of generosity? It turned out pretty damn good. It starts off with an inconspicuous 30 seconds intro that slides into the first full length song where Rigoletto show that they know their way around their instruments and catchy, strong and impressive song parts, albeit a bit traditional as far as the Alternative Rock Genre goes. This EP really begins to shine from song 3 "An enemy did this" onwards, though. Original and interesting song structures that varyingly accompany the vocal parts make these tracks definitely something you'd want to listen to more than only once. There are some striking instrumental parts, like the guitar riffs in Song 5 "Sugar", but also some subtle nuances that might go over your head at first, most prominently the "clicking" of the drummer, for example in Song 4 "Lamp posts". This is an EP that will take and deserves more than one listen to find and fully appreciate all the layers those guys worked into their songs. Thumbs up for everyone who donated to this cause. Additionally: This might just be the best Cover Art I've seen this year so far.

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