Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lucky Penny - 2011 - Lucky Penny

Indie Folk Pop
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  • Listening recommendations: Snake, Bound North
After the last two Bands I introduced you to, we are now back on a very soothing terrain of music. This EP starts off with a minimalist, but nonetheless captivating melody to set the tone of the record. The basic instruments you'll get to hear are guitars plus a few occasional other minor background sounds. One interesting feature is the very harmonic use of their voices as such a background sound in some parts of their songs. Since this is a collaboration project you'll also notice some variations within the song structures of the different songs. The bitter sweet, cute "Memory" and the song "What you want for yourself", sung by a male lead singer, especially stand out in that regard, since the other 3 songs have a similar song structure and feeling, despite not even sung by the same female lead singer. The best songs in my opinion are "Snake" and "Bound North". I can't put my finger on it, but something about how the singer uses her voice to tell her stories is really mesmerizing. It's a bit unfortunate that you can hear a slight hissing in the background, which tends to be especially noticeable in slower, quiet records like these. I like all of those songs, though. Definitely an interesting listen, even though probably better matched to a laid back listening session during the colder season of the year.

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  1. Thanks for listening to our record! Small correction, though, Snake is sung by Merrady, and Bound North and What a day it's been, was sung by Alyssandra.