Friday, August 12, 2011

The Manhattan Syndrome - 2011 - And we left it behind

Alternative Pop
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This band is another definitive recommendation for anyone slightly interested in harmonic pop music. The band combines drum, synthesizer, piano & guitar sounds with the memorable voice of the lead singer, interwoven by subtle, instrumental passages, which are as outstanding as the main parts of these songs. The fourth song "Hollowheads" and especially the third song "The Manhattan Syndrome" are probably among the most beautiful songs I've heard this year. With their superb instrumentation they set the stage for haunting tales of love and loss that "will stay with you until they dry". On top of three rather melancholic songs they also show with "Carnival" that they are perfectly able to create songs that stray from their usual perfectly harmonic formula, which is quite refreshing regarding the arrangement of the tracks on this EP. Whatever they set out to accomplish before they recorded "And we left it behind", I can't help but imagining that not even the band members themselves could have envisioned creating something as masterfully, organic and mesmerizing before. I really hope that this is not the last we'll hear from The Manhattan Syndrome.


  1. This music is refreshing, real, and interesting. There is depth, feeling and progression from the lyrics to the overall arrangmement......and it leaves an impression of potentiality.
    Lets hope we hear more from these musicos.

  2. They also just had their record release gig on the day I posted the review. I guess they have their hands full right now with preparations on what to do next. I'll definitely keep an eye on them.