Thursday, January 19, 2012

RETROSONIC - 2011 - Ties, Cardigans & Other Cool Stuff

Indie Rock
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These Italian guys aren't bringing terribly much new to the Indie Rock table, but they sure know how to play driving rhythm. Add a charismatic and remarkable lead singer voice to that and you got the basic ingredients to make some good music. Until the End in particular is a song that might occupy your ear for quite a while if you are able to let yourself fall back right into this pool of seemingly never-ending energetic power this song gives off. And while these guys aren't bad at all, they seem to lack a little something to lift them out of the masses in a rather overcrowded genre. This EP in particular starts off pretty well with the driving aforementioned Until the End but then unfortunately continuously loses steam, and despite the quite respectable effort in The Hipster Song, they weren't really able to fix that leak even until the very end. Its good to try different variations of the sound you are playing, but those guys seem to be best if its as energetic as they can make it to be. Considering all that, this leaves us with an EP that is interesting, even good at best, but leaves wanting for more and better. I hope that the band is able to use the gained experience since the release of their EP to create more songs with the punch of Until the End on their next record. Additionally, check their myspace video page to see one of their live performances in 2011, if you want to hear the "raw" versions of these songs.

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