Saturday, January 28, 2012

Marumeth - 2011 - The Sun Smiles

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  • Listening recommendations: So Happy, Take Flight
Mmm relaxing music at last. “The Sun Smiles” is chilled to perfection, the same kind of electronic pop music that made people crave Postal Service like it was candy nine years ago. This is even more laid back than that, like Postal Service sitting on a white sandy beach somewhere just letting it all hang out. There are almost no vocals on these four songs (yes I do tend to enjoy music without lyrics, okay :P), and when there are, they're ethereal and distant and a bit filtered, so they don't quite sound human. Imagine hooking up a motivational tape to an intercom. That's how I'd best describe the vocals on 'So Happy', motivational verbal yoga. The low end is sturdy and thudding in a drum and bass kind of way, but not nearly as abrasive or intense and the keys are poppy and bursting with energy. It really would feel like a sun beating down on you ('Feel the Sun's Rays'). At times the songs do have a melancholy melody to them. It's strangely at odds with the overall feel of the music, but not necessarily out of left field if one looks at the song titles as ironic. I wouldn't be at all surprised if that was the case. The songs are so relaxing and entrancing that you won't even realize that the EP's four track length has actually just eaten up twenty+ minutes of blissful time. It's such an easy listen it's rather hard to describe in words. This is one record that is more of an experience and you'll get more out of it over multiple listens than sitting intently and listening to it one time. So 'take flight' and give yourself over to Marumeth.