Friday, January 27, 2012

Mugison - 2009 - Ítrekun/Reminder (live)

Blues Rock
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  • Listening recommendations: The Pathetic Anthem Live, Murr Murr 2
  • If you like: The Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Mugison is a name that should be associated with great and greatly fun rock music. Music that goes through your bones, making your feet dance, your hands pound, your heart race and your mind free from the exasperating daily tasks at hand. These guys seem to be one of the more well known bands featured on this blog so far, but I assume they won't complain too much if we manage to bring them a few more listeners. I had a bit of a hard time to put them into a certain genre because I'd consider the 3 most recent records all different variations of rock, but what one hell of a ride it was to listen through what I decided to categorize as Blues Rock. There were a few outings before, but those most recent 3 are sort of different sides of a three sided coin (read as: My metaphor skills are severely lacking) and  Mugiboogie was the first of these 3 to see the light of day. Compared to the other 2, its the more typical studio album, rather polished, less emotional, but still an interesting listen with quite a lot of variety. Ítrekun/Reminder is the live album, where previously quiet songs like "The Pathetic Anthem" stop sounding semi-pathetic and grow up to be full-blown celebratory rock hymns, which is also the reason I liked this version the most. The sheer emotional power these songs convey by having very dominant instruments and a persuasive lead voice backing them is explosive. The live session with Björgvin Gíslasson is another beast entirely and takes a step back to indulge into a room filled with benevolent listeners and improvised guitar sounds, like a Jazz session caressing the senses of the discerning listener, showing its not all about emotional impact that gets your heart pounding but manages to build up some sort of bond with the live listener that is hard to replicate virtually. I would love to see this music performed live, may it be for an all out dancing session or listening relaxed to the Jazz version, waiting for the next improvisational subtlety to reach my ears. Regarding the records you have here: How often do you have the chance to listen to a great song in 3 different variations and choose your favorite? Very recommended.


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