Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ouragan - 2011 - ouragan EP

French Electronic Pop
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More songs in which I have no idea about what the guy is singing about! However, language barriers can't hinder my enjoyment for music I like and hereby I present you the second French record for this blog (The first one being Deux Gars quite a while ago). While I already take a liking to traditional French Pop, the present attempt to mix modern Indie and Electronica elements into the French Pop genre is a rather successful one. The album opener Tuer La France especially is a lighthearted song with lots of charme that makes it impossible to dislike it. He switches to a more oppressing and hectical sound variety with his second song Je Suis Un Perdant (translated to "I am a loser"), expanding on the French Pop genre barriers until he completely breaks loose in Barium with a pure Electronica track. Despite the very obvious Electronica influences and the French Pop origin, Ouragan can't be bothered to restrain himself to specific genre boundaries, which allows him to bring a lot different musical experiments to fruition. Due to that, it is not surprising that he wasn't quite able to keep the quality on a consistently high level and it is rather noticeable that the record loses a bit of momentum towards the end of the record. Despite all that, Ouragan isn't a "perdant" at all, and I eagerly anticipate any future genre bending songs and catchy tunes he comes up with.

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