Thursday, February 2, 2012

ED7 - 2011 - Surfrider EP

Instrumental Electronica
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Imagine you’re in the middle of the bluest ocean you’ve ever seen. The sun is just warm enough to hit you in a sunny haze, and the waves are calm enough for you to gaze down below, unbothered. Underneath the still surface lies an entire metropolis of aquatic life: greens, yellows, and reds of all shades converse and swirl in a cascade of lights. If you have that visual in your head, then you have a pretty good idea of what ED7’s Surfrider EP sounds like. This music may be swathed in synths and drums, but it all adds up to something a bit more introspective that what most would associate with electronica: even in its busier moments, the music is bathed in a shimmering glow that’s more suited to late-night stargazing than to partying debauchery. ED7 strikes a nice balance between earthy tones and astral blips and whirs, and the contrast hits a wonderfully wistful note. As large as the palette of tones is here, the EP never feels like it’s aimlessly wandering. If anything, it’s a mild shame that some of the ideas here weren’t expanded upon more so that we could spend a little more time. Nonetheless, this is a fine release, bustling with atmosphere, emotion, and life. It’s a well-matched soundtrack for retreats into the woods, midnight walks, and early sunrises. Those who have no use for such things might be better off pursuing other avenues, but those who are up for a little exploration will be enthralled.

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