Saturday, February 18, 2012

Agent Whiskers - 2012 - A Perfect State of Disarray

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We featured a lot of Electronica records this year, but considering the quality of A Perfect State of Disarray, I dont think you'll be mad at us for pushing one more for today's blog update. Agent Whiskers already released 3 releases and his most recent one outshines his other 2 by far, in terms of sound quality, sound diversity, song structure and album cohesion. I do recommend checking out his other two records as well, though, as some of the presented songs are guaranteed to be stuck in your head as well (Few examples: Awaken on The Path Untaken, or Cascade into Supernova on Abstract Forms of Solace).
A Perfect State of Disarray starts off with a very recognizable, maybe even invasive, opening theme, which would have been enough basis for a catchy track on its own merit. However, Agent Whiskers manages to defy any expectation by adding a second, more upbeat, chiptune theme to the mix, creating a track that inherits something that sounds like two opposing and rivaling ideas, that still manage to coexist for a greater good, or sound in this case. This dichotomy is an arrangement he successfully applies to other songs as well, Caretaker (Take Me Home) for example has one of the most stunning inner song transitions I've heard in quite a while. On the topic of transitions: The song to song transitions are remarkably well done as well. Every song immediately flows into the next, resembling a fluent stream of narration guiding the listener instead of single choppy short stories. This release really deserves to be listened as a whole for someone to really experience the great work done here and probably needs more than one listen to reveal all its subtle nuances.  My only gripe for this record is the inclusion of the last song Endgame (As The World Burns), which by itself is a great song, but unfortunately managed to pull me out of the coherent experience and mood set by the songs before. The song features a strong musical rock/metal theme as its aforementioned dividing contrast, which doesn't quite want to fit into the whole experience.
The third record of Agent Whiskers in 8 months basically guarantees we'll hear more from him in the future and I cant wait for more from him or even Remixes of his songs with other artists. While his other two records had some slightly raw feel to it, his newest release is a work of beauty. Driving bass lines, catchy chiptunes and a great diversity in the song selection, or even within a track, definitely assure you won't get bored anytime soon.

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