Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paralelo - Fig.1

Post Punk
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If you've ever wondered what a dark wave rock band would sound like if their post-punk rock music was wedged into a minimalist John Carpenter-style ambient record; Paralelo's “Fig.1” EP would like you to take a quick break, only 6 minutes and 45 seconds will do, and have a listen. You really can't argue with an album that takes less time to get through than it takes you with your morning cup of coffee now can you? [I don't drink coffee, so it make take less time-Editor note]. Minimalism is the word of the day for “Fig. 1”, guitar, bass, drums under a fine mist of synthesizers and keyboards. That being said, you're grabbed instantly into the mist by that opening bass line, at least I am. I'm reminded of the first time I heard Joy Division and their raw, angry energy and a airy, spacious sound (Try to tell me 'Ebrio y estoico' doesn't remind you of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'!). The bass is followed by either the most synthetic-sounding Gregorian choir ever or a keyboard reaching for the very back of a cathedral. The guitar work is quite good here, taking on a more secondary role in most of these songs than you'd here in most post-punk or most rock records in general really. It's working in the background most of the time to help create that spacey atmosphere, not pump out earth shattering riffs. Paralelo don't necessarily have the same slick pacing as Joy Division and their ilk, opting for 'slow and steady wins the race' approach. Go listen to 'Disorder' and then play 'Todo esta bien' , you'll see what I mean. The lyrics, in so far they sink in (they being in Spanish, myself not) are almost hypnotic, being short simple phrases (“Todo esta bien, madre” for instance) repeated a couple times in the middle of each song in a hazy, sleepy sort of tone that lull the listener (you, and me several times now) into a kind of spaced-out daze. Maybe not the best way to start your day, but not a bad way to spend a break.

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