Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Róspoem - 2011 - Carried by Crows EP

Alternative Pop
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I am predicting that this is going to be one of my favourite records this year. Next to the mesmerizing and poetic lyrics and the catchy sound arrangements, the part that will draw you to these songs the most are the irresistable and intimate sung vocals. Despite having vocals, these songs actually fit in better with some ambient pieces in regard to their musical composition, and have a very soothing and all-encompassing feeling to them. The moment you start listening to Carried by Crows you'll be trapped inside a carefully crafted world of wonderful harmonies and poetic images that caress your senses for the next 25 minutes. Every one of these songs manages to capture your imagination in a way I've rarely seen and especially the opener Beneath Autumn invites to drift away to delicately breathed poetry and the underlying soft musical arrangements. I don't have any exact ways to measure the general popularity of an artist but the number of people knowing Róspoem (177 Reverbnation fans? 7 Facebook likes on Bandcamp?) is far lower than the number of fans these guys deserves to have. Beneath Autum and The Love are among the best songs I heard this year so far and I'd be very surprised if I wouldn't find anyone sharing that sentiment.

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