Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lonnie in the Garden - Songs From

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“Songs From” is what you want to hear when you pop in a folk rock record. Lonnie in the Garden have a stripped back instrumentation that gives every song a sparse, bluesy sound, perfect for an intimate setting or a smokey bar. Guitar[s], and what sounds like a really jazz-influenced upright bass and drum combination bring this band to life, with a few wonderfully rough edges worn with pride. I don't think this record would work if it was polished to a reflective sheen, it would lack emotional oomph. Thankfully LitG packed enough emotion for the long haul in the singing. The double dose of female vocals from singers Natasha Roberts and Lynne Craven is a unique strength, and the harmonizing between the two is beautiful to hear, even after repeated listens to these four tracks. Lynne Craven has a very feisty R&B sort of sound to her singing that's filled with a sly, knowing confidence that is especially evident on the tracks 'black/blue' and 'Wondering'. It's not riotgrrl snarling, she's not filled with venom, but there is an attractiveness to the power she's exuding that pulls one into the songs that extra little bit. The second track doesn't follow this same pattern musically; as it's a much slower paced ballad, but the lyrics betray who still has the upper hand in this scenario, and it is without a doubt Lonnie. Taking your shit, they will not be, and know about you most certainly will. For four songs of excellent energetic folk, take a trip with Lonnie in the Garden.

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