Saturday, February 4, 2012

JD and the Longfellows -2011- Swinging for England

Folk Rock
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It's like I've just stepped back in time, and here modern rock and roll radio doesn't exist. It's beautiful really, the music is so joyous and spirited. These guys would make great traveling troubadours strolling into your town out of thin air with their gaggle of instruments, playing for crowds at a barn dance or at the local inn; moving on to the next town just as quickly. The band describe this is alt-country folk skiffle, and yeah, I can certainly hear elements of all of those at play on this album (pinpointing homemade instruments is next to impossible by ear). Everyone sounds like their having the time of their lives playing, and that makes me want to take up a beer stein and dance a jig right along side them the songs are so infectious. It's the same kind of feeling that I got when listening to Freak Fandango Orchestra, without the gypsy punk influence. This comes off more like the best stage play you've ever seen [and probably got drunk to, with the bar maiden]. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that there is a song smack dab in the middle of this whole affair called 'Good Times', since everything here seems to be about having a really good time, so why not be up front about it? I've never loved the sound of a violin so much as I do here. It's like it's whining with joy, if that's possible. Really the stand out instrument for me. The female vocals sounds sweet, while the male vocals have a very speak-sing quality to them that adds this weird gravitas to every word. Dichotomous, but it works very well. This is not music you'll likely ever hear on radio or see on MTV, but god damn if it's not good stuff. Well sung, definitely polished and entertaining. I can't ask much more of my music.

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