Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jjoi - 2012 - Jjoiful EP

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Being somebody whose only exposure to dubstep was a (fairly awesome) remix of the Transformers battle scenes and a (fairly hilarious) series of Christian dubstep worship songs, I had my misgivings turning on “Drifter”, the first track of electronic artist Jjoi’s new EP. Thankfully, those doubts were quelled as soon as the beat kicked in. “Drifter” is fluidly crafted, with an instantly catchy melody line and a danceable, trippy beat that crosses over into drum and bass territory at times.
The rest of the release’s five tracks seldom disappoint: “Joy” is another standout, starting off with a trippy, insistent synth before going sky high with a wall of stuttering digital voices and a tense stomp-and-clap rhythm. Jjoi excels at welding gritty exercises in percussion with club-ready, memorable synths, all while imbuing every single part of the machinery with a distinct personality. It’s a shame, then, that the endings are never quite as grand as we’re being strung along to believe; the songs here are all wound so tight that a little room to breathe might have been a good thing. Still, aiming for the top of Everest and reaching Kilimanjaro is hardly a feat to scoff at.
With the exception of a few mainstream artists, dubstep may be treated as a novelty, but the Jjoiful EP proves that the genre is just as capable of reaching the highs of electronic music in the right hands. This is ear candy for high-octane minds, and I’m already craving more.

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