Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shnabubula - 2012 - Free Play

Instrumental Jazz
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  • Listening recommendations: Polar Eclipse, The Wise Tortoise
Having dabbled in the underground chiptune scene for years, Samuel Ascher-Weiss has an adventurous hand with melody that is unrivaled by most of his peers. His sense of daring elevates his music to stunning highs, as it does on Free Play, his strangest—and strongest—tangent yet. Built off of improvisational pieces recorded on the piano, with layers of instruments added after the fact, this 9-song release is absolutely crammed with peaks and grooves fit to soundtrack the most epic space romance saga ever. “Polar Eclipse” immediately captivates with its frosty piano opening before stunning with a series of orchestral stabs and rhythmic twists, ending off the whole feat with a fragile and heartbreaking final act. Follow-up act “Electro Spunk” flips Weiss’ strengths 180 degrees, centering itself not on gloomy refrains but on jazzy piano, a whip-smart drum line and an array of spaced-out synths which run in and out of the track. The rest of his whirlwind creations run the gamut from stunning, majestic crests of sound on “The Wise Tortoise” to playfully malevolent jam sessions on “Morning Commute”. The breadth of the territory Weiss travels in just 43 minutes would almost be disconcerting, and sometimes his goals are so grand that he can’t help but undershoot a bit, but what ties everything together even in the release’s rare shaky moments is that sense of yearning for something undiscovered, something new. There aren’t too many artists making music as ambitious and adventurous as this anymore, and that Weiss pulls it off so effectively nonetheless is to be commended. This is a hell of a release, and we have to keep an eye on this swashbuckler, in case his next release ends up floating out of our world and into the galaxies beyond.

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