Thursday, February 9, 2012

IIIV - Pilgrimage | Ходочашће

Ambient Drone
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These are the sounds of a long arduous trek through a barren wasteland, where you're completely alone among the elements and the things that lurk in the darkness of your own mind. The EP's [English] title couldn't be more apt, “Pilgrimage”. These two tracks are all about the long haul, as any good ambient drone records should be, since they're both over ten minutes in length. It's a lot of keyboards and percussion at work, creating tense, even suspenseful musical landscapes. One might be inclined to believe the musicians are evoking the sometimes hostile city they're in; hell encroaching on a beautiful calm. 'A Side' ends with the musical equivalent of a chase scene, repeating glitch loops and a constant tapping giving way to a piano repeating the same keys. 'B side' is gospel choirs and walking alone in an endless land surrounded by encroaching storms, only to end with locomotive and militaristic drumming before final judgement rears up to strike you down! This is just me spit balling together the music and the idea of a pilgrimage relating to one and other. It's a strange, but aurally engaging journey to partake in at least. One filled with awe and wonder, but also suspense and an element of darkness to it. This is ambient drone music that isn't relying solely on stretching guitar notes into forever to achieve its musical goals and that alone is worthy of praise, let alone my listening recommendation. Suggestion: Put this on your MP3 player, go for a hike in the woods (or downtown if forests aren't accessible).

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