Friday, February 24, 2012

Fierce Creatures - 2010 - I Mostri Feroci

Indie/Psychedelic Rock
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  • Listening recommendations: Satan Is A Vampire, Harpooning
Despite that abstract name and the white-eyed creatures peeking out at you from the cover, this release is actually as warm and luminescent as they come. The opening track already hits on what makes this California indie rock group so appealing: their simple yet twisty and well-crafted songwriting, personal and likeable voices, and a slightly romantic vibe, wafting through the elongated guitar strums, twinkling keys, and rousing gang cries. The music doesn’t meander but develops peacefully, content to wander through long instrumental sequences and whimsical build ups before moving onto its next destination.
There’s also a touch of mystery lurking here, whether hiding in the lyrics or showing up in the temperature shifts that swing from cozy to ever-so-slightly unsettling, and whenever it rears its head, the atmosphere rises to an even more otherworldly plane. Thankfully, it’s handled with grace and deftness thanks to the talents of the band and the very good songwriting. These tinges of dark don’t show up too often, but they do add dimension to Fierce Creatures’ well-imagined soundscapes.
All in all, I Mostri Feroci impresses on many levels. It adopts Fierce Creatures’ sense of musical playfulness while mixing it with a haunting spirituality. The combination is intoxicating, and it makes for one of the most interesting, engaging listens I’ve had so far this year.

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