Friday, March 2, 2012

The Novel Ideas - 2011 - Summer Demos

Indie Pop/Folk Rock

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Todays band are making a Indie Pop & Folk Rock mix that is hard to resist. The main topic sung about in basically every song is love and since this isnt quite a novel idea, you may hope that they have something else to set themselves apart from the countless Indie Pop records released every month with the same topic. And indeed they do. While The Novel Ideas also have their fair share of overly dramatic sounding songs (especially on the LP also available on Bandcamp: The Sky is a Field ), they manage to vary their approach to the topic at hand on this EP quite a bit, somehow accomplishing to make a listening not a repetitive, but a rather fun and catchy affair. The best song to be found here is Artichoke Heart which has a fantastic build up, a remarkably well done and distinctive introduction part and expressive lead vocals. The other songs are very well done as well, and I expect them to gather a lot more fans if they continue making music. As a sidenote: They currently have a Kickstarter project running to finance their upcoming album. Its already fully financed, but if you like their sound and if you want to pitch in a few bucks for any of the mentioned rewards, click here. Considering the overall quality and variety of their sound, I really hope their next full album release comes rather sooner than later.

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