Friday, March 30, 2012

Ahem. - 2011 - Adrift EP

Electronica/ Dreampop
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Adrift EP feels less like a coherent record than a record full with experiments and surprises. And like with all experiments, some work out and others don't. Let's just get the bad out of the way right in the beginning. You simply shouldn't start a record with the most inaccessible song available. Gone/Again isn't really a bad song, but it's also not the most convincing song here either. Most people stop listening when stumbling upon unknown musicians if they don't like the first song, which is sad considering what else Ahem. has to offer. This EP is a lovingly created hymn to the imaginative power within us all, convincing the listener to to lie down, catch a breath and slowly drift away from any overly straining thoughts. Song 2 and 3 are the highlights here for me. The second track A few more years is an amazingly catchy and playful track with some spoken vocals, which I highly recommend everyone to listen to. The follow up Childhood shows that the collaboration with Ellen Siberian-Tiger was definitely a worthwhile experiment for the other musician at work here and I highly recommend checking out her other song samples on Soundcloud. Despite its flaws definitely an experiment worth experiencing.

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