Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gulls - 2012 - Down the Hatch

Indie/Surf Pop
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If you are a regular Wasfuersohr reader, these guys shouldnt be completely new to you, though you might know them better by their main project Magic Man. Magic Man's Real Life Color easily stepped up to be my favourite album last year, so my expectations for a new project from these guys were quite high. Contrary to any expectations I might have had, the sound of Gulls is quite a different affair than Magic Man, which is obvious right from the start. Down the Hatch's albums opener Sleep in the Sun has a very soft and slow pop intro, only to transform into a super fun and driving Indie pop track, reminiscent of the Surfpop music style of Swimming. My initial problem with this record was its lo-fi nature , which gave me a slightly difficult time getting into this record at the beginning, but its hard not to fall for these pure and innocent songs about the most trivial things important to us. If anything, those trivial pleasures are probably the most innocent joy anyone can have, and these songs make a very valid point of how important those moments are to us. So who gives a anything about those songs having a slightly worse quality. They are pure fun and express the fundamental desire to enjoy life. If you didn't get your fair share of sunshine today, take a listen to Gulls' Down the Hatch.

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