Sunday, March 11, 2012

The X-Structure - 2012 - Liberation

Downtempo/ Electronica
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Why not add more fuel to the electronic fire here on Wasfuersohr? The X-Structure, with their awesome name and Gorillaz-like virtual existence dropped this electronica album late last year, and as I'm reviewing this after listening to Agent Whiskers, is the polar opposite in terms of sound. “Liberation” is a concept album (or aspires to be one at least) of a hero liberating a repressed peoples. This is really down-tempo electronic music, meaning you're not going to be blown away by its pace. As the band freely admits on their site; is reminiscent of trip-hop, albeit trip-hop that takes influence from trance and ambient music more than say hip-hop. Whether or not you're drawn into the story of this album is really going to be a matter of personal taste. I can't say that the music necessarily conveyed anything to me or made me picture what the titles imply, outside of the first two tracks, 'Hopefound (The hero is born)' and 'Not Alone (In the wilderness)'. They would work perfectly in any RPG video game opening and as a hero sets off on a the initial quest respectively. Not take away from the music itself, which kept my full attention the entire play length even if I wasn't about take up arms. The X-Structure incorporate serious stylistic flourishes into the mix, not relying solely on synthetic instrumentation. Hopefound and Not Alone really stand out in this regard as strings (acoustic guitar, and what I want to believe in my heart is a harp) are featured prominently in the melodies of both songs. 'Light the World (There's a new sheriff in town)' is filled with a nervous energy that breaks out of its shell by the end like a musical butterfly, while 'Destiny's Crossing (The hero's sacrifice)' is appropriately large and dramatic. It's kind of a shame that The X-Structures put away their bag of extra tricks so quickly, as the rest of the album doesn't quite live up to the heights of the opening even if it's still a great listen beginning to end. Sit back, chill and let The X-Structure's tell their tale. You may not get the story, but you'll groove to the music.

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