Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Indie Anna Jones - 2011 - Demo EP

indie pop/acoustic
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  • Listening recommendations: Bagels, Apple Juice
Sometimes, it doesn’t take very much for a song to draw you in. It can be anything: maybe there’s an interesting beat you’re catching on to, or a really insightful melody, or a particularly clever line. For me, that feeling of exuberance and innocence I get when I lose myself in the opening of “Bagels” does the trick: the opening melody is so playful, so airy, that I’m defenseless to its charm. This EP’s appeal can be described in that way; it’s a lightweight, clocking in at fourteen minutes in four tracks, but it steps right in and sets such a welcoming atmosphere that there simply isn’t that much to say. Fans of stripped, acoustic artists should find plenty to like here, whether it’s the simple but effective guitar interplay, earnest and barren production, and the vocals, which never overpower or sink under the music but float along delicately. The lyrics, though taking precedence behind their soundtrack here, fit it well, evoking faint memories and wistful relationships; they may be low-key, but that certainly doesn’t equate to any lack in substance.
There are artists that provoke right out of the gate, that intend to challenge, denounce, and redefine themselves. Then there are the subtler gems, artists that may not be as bold but worm your way into your ears and your heart all the same. While we seek and praise the former all the time (and with good reason), there’s something to be said for the value of the latter as well. So if you’re waiting for a rescue, why not stop for a bit and sniff the flowers…hmm…

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