Monday, March 5, 2012

Departures - 2008 - Departures

Instrumental Classical / Post-Rock


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I loves me some post-rock, something well established here on Wasfuersohr. I also happen to really like soundtracks, with an affinity for classical and jazz now and then. So boy does Departures bring a smile to my face when it combines elements of all of these things into one discreet package. This eponymous album is structured like a soundtrack to a film that does not exist, with each piece of music encapsulating the feeling and mood from one scene to the next, thought there isn't one musical thread really linking them together. Like a good film score, it's sweeping and grand, the use of actual stringed instruments and not a keyboard really bring the sound some oomph to go along with its epic scale. Now I must say despite my opening sentence, this album is dominated more by classical musical with flares of jazz and post-rock than the other way around. And it sounds terrific when the different worlds audibly mix. 'Patipada' for example is free jazz and post-rock underpinned by violins that would sound great in a New Wave film from the 70's, or a giallo film of the same era. The song is just overflowing with frantic energy (where the wild saxophones are!). Then again at fourteen and a half minutes, it has to be to keep you from losing interest and I guarantee you won't. 'Living Witness' provides a dramatic sweeping finale to the album (forget 'outro') as if the band have to score the lead up to and eventual making of a life altering decision, complete with a barely audible conversations to give things an added amount of gravitas. “Departures” does everything right, and it's not a mix of styles you're unlikely to hear elsewhere any time soon. Here's to hoping Departures the band get to score films in the future. Until then, we've got this album to hold onto.

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