Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nathan Pugh - 2012 - Permanent Marker

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  • Listening recommendations: Night Life, Class
That the first track on this album is titled “Filler” may inspire some suspicion in listeners, especially given the fact that the genre Permanent Marker falls under is rife with rehashes of old ideas. Those disillusioned from the start, though, will be rid of those doubts once they hit the play button. Though Nathan Pugh’s bread and butter is right in the wheelhouse of rhythmic, pulsing hip-hop, he imbues his beats with spooky, fun effects and isn’t afraid to divert his attention to his melodies when needed. Tracks like “Night Life” and “Class” exemplify his grasp of balance and atmospherics excellently, as they effortlessly layer trippy, glitch drums over sinister, wailing synths and bone-chilling electronic plinks. The trade-off is that the whole experience doesn’t explode throughout the head so much as it seeps in, and the trek through this nasty terrain is a slower, less galvanizing one as a result. That doesn’t diminish the album’s goals at all, though: Pugh’s music is a cerebral thrill ride once it gets going, and even the slow rise before the peaks is full of wonderful little touches that will have astute listeners in awe. Those who are looking to blow the roof off of the freaking place may be underwhelmed, but those looking for a slightly more subdued thrill have found their soundtrack.

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