Monday, April 2, 2012

The Winnebago's - 2011 - The Art Of Mixology

Stoner Rock
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Sometimes the sheer ferocity that a record possesses is enough to overcome any technical shortcomings that record may have. The Winnebago's have stocked up on ferocity like there's a supply shortage and they need the stuff to live. 'The Art of Mixology' is a live record of wall to wall ferociousness and unadulterated stoner rock that's here to be loud and have a good time, just don't get in the way or you'll get run over without a second thought. The guitars are effectively crunchy and distorted sounding, the bass is thick and heavy and (gets some time to shine on “Riverside”), while the drums crash with absolute authority and keep everything running smoothly. I do take issue with wherever this was recorded, it sounds like a small space that doesn't really allow the music to sound as loud and huge as it really should. These songs should destroy all in their wake. One other issue with this is that the vocals do not come through very well. They're just buried by the instruments, as if the singer was singing into a mic down a long hallway. From what I can tell from song to song is that the singer does sound like Lemmy (of Motorhead) with throat shredding howls and a god damn sense of purpose in front of that mic. Check out “Hey, Fuck You Buddy” for the best example on the record. It's odd, the vocals aren't the best and the music seems like its cramped in a small basement, but still manages to be excellent rock. I would love to hear these songs rerecorded so the vocals are more easily discernible and the sound is as ceiling rattlingly huge as the Winnebagos are capable, and as such easier for me to recommend. As it stands, if you're willing to overlook the low quality of the recordings, The Winnebago's are rocking Sheffield to the ground, and you should take notice

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